What We Do

This website is now archived. The stories on here are from a reporting trip conducted from June-December 2011. 
We hope you enjoy reading this slice of history.
Chrisanthi Giotis
Steve Madgwick


p.s the email contact on this site is no longer active. If you want to find either of us try LinkedIn - thanks!


We are Steve Madgwick and Chrisanthi Giotis.

In 2011 we are in Africa - travelling from north to south searching for the most inspiring people, places and business ventures to share with you.

Why? Because we believe that the world is full of inspiration and we want to prove it by sharing stories of Africa you won't find in mainstream media. We also hope this site will be a buzzing community where you can find inspiration by talking to each other.

How will we do it? On a shoestring! This trip has been funded by missing out on Sunday pub lunches and saving hard. Our website was designed and built for free by people who believe in us. We are also seaching for advertisers who share our values.

If we make a profit from advertising we don't keep it but instead hand it over to some of the inspiring community ventures we will be visiting. Cool huh?

So, if you like us sign up for our monthly newsletter and sign your friends up too! If you know of an inspirational person, place or venture we should be visiting contact us or post it on our Facebook site and if you want to advertise get in touch with us.